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Pearl Corporation is as a wholesale distributor of drums and percussion musical instruments. They are also the exclusive U.S. distributor of Adams timpani, marching brass, and mallet percussion instruments. Pearl provides world class products at competitive prices, along with a research and development program that responds quickly to developments and changes in the market place.

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Remo is the world's largest drumhead company.For over 60 years, Remo, Inc. has constantly and consistently broken new ground when it comes to industry firsts. Ultimately, when it comes to our expertise as a drumhead manufacturer, nothing can touch the technical and musical advantages that Remo Drumheads provide. We are focused on developing and delivering quality accessories, instruments and programs for use in addressing all levels and aspects of global drumming activities. All of these combined efforts are what make Remo a worldwide leader in the percussion, lifestyle and specials needs industries.


Innovative Percussion is dedicated to providing the percussion world with professional products of an unequaled quality. Each item is carefully crafted to insure product integrity and the quality needed to achieve the highest standards of today’s percussion excellence. We at Innovative Percussion, Inc. feel that the attention given to detail and design of quality percussion instruments deserves sticks and mallets parallel in quality.

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The Avedis Zildjian Company is a Turkish cymbal manufacturer. At nearly 400 years old, Zildjian is one of the oldest companies in existence and is the largest cymbal manufacturer in the world. Specially designed in association with top drum corps specialists; their warm, shimmering sound projects clearly, with the ability for emphatic 'zing' effects and a smooth, bright blend of overtones over a wide sonic spectrum. 

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ON2 Percussion is the manufacturer and distributor of Drum Slips. Drum Slips precisely wrap around the hardware of marching percussion instruments in order to instantly change the design and color of a drum. Drum Slips are quickly and easily installed by simply removing the drum head. Drum Slips make drums look better than new and allow instant visual coordination with the theme of your show. 

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Creative Costuming & Designs was started in August of 1992 by Kevin and Noreen in their Huntington Beach, California home. In the beginning, they made patterns and cut material in the living room while sewing in the guest room. Later, they converted their garage into a production space. Many of their long-time customers still remember sitting in Kevin and Noreen’s living room, working on a design and then walking out to the garage to select materials!

In 2002 they moved out of the house into a commercial building and hired employees which started the growth towards what we see today. In the fall of 2005, Jason Kramer was hired and quickly became a driving force of the artistic direction of the company.His design aesthetic has lead the company to be one of the leaders in the pageantry activity.

Creative Costuming & Designs may no longer be operating from Kevin and Noreen’s house but the passion to deliver the best designs and costumes to every customer remains exactly the same as it was when they began that summer in 1992.

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TreeWorks Chimes was founded in 1996 to provide musicians with, unquestionably, the finest chime that can be made. There are three components to the sound of a TreeWorks' chime: the cord, the mantle and the bars. At TreeWorks, each component is a serious contributor to the totally clean, crisp presence that these fine instruments produce. 

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The mission of PARC is to enrich the lives through quality arts, education and recreation programs for all ages. As a cultural destination for the Greater Plymouth Community, the PARC offers residents an opportunity to experience music, theater and dance performances, visual art exhibits and participate in art education. It brings an art focus to the region and fosters partnerships with numerous arts and nonprofit organizations. 


PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. (often known and styled as PreSonus) is an American manufacturer of professional audio equipment and software, used to create, record, mix, and master music and other audio. This includes their line of digital audio workstation (DAW) software, Studio One.