2020 Design Team Announced

The Redline organization is extremely excited to welcome it’s 2020 design team;

Music Design, Andrew Markworth - Visual Design, Noah Bellamy - Design/Program Consultant, Andrew Ebert - and Production Design, Ryan Ellis and Zach Schlicher.

The knowledge and experience these individuals posses in their respective fields will have an immeasurable impact on the 2020 ensemble. This team is primed to shape an exciting production that promises to be world-class and surpasses the expectations of our membership, supporters, and fans.

“Bringing Andrew and Noah on board to construct our musical and visual packages, along with the continued support and guidance of Andrew Ebert, will be an extremely positive collaboration for Redline,“ stated Martin Harrison, CEO of Redline, “Partnering with Ryan and Zach to produce and detail the show alongside our highly-qualified instructional team, will also be immensely beneficial. I am personally excited to welcome back Andrew and Zach as long-time friends of our organization. All of these of individuals have proven track records of success.”

Design Team group photo.png

It is our mission to provide each member with the best experience possible by fostering their individual growth and creating superior performance opportunities. These additions represent a significant step toward that goal. Alongside the instructional staff, yet to be announced, this team plans to cultivate an environment where performers can undeniably thrive. More announcements regarding the 2020 Redline staff will follow in the coming days.