Redline Winds Schedule - 2017

Here is the schedule for Redline Winds for the rest of 2017. As you can see, we are keeping it really light thru the end of marching season. We are also keeping the main drum corps audition weekend free in November. In December we will ramp things up because that is when we will start staging the program on the floor. Auditions and rehearsals are at Liberty High School in Liberty, SC.

10/15/17 Audition Sunday 1pm-5pm
10/22/17 Rehearsal Sunday 1pm-5pm
11/11/17 Rehearsal Saturday 9am-9pm
12/2/17 Rehearsal Saturday 9am-9pm
12/3/17 Rehearsal Sunday 1pm-5pm
12/9/17 Rehearsal Saturday 9am-9pm
12/10/17 Rehearsal Sunday 1pm-5pm
12/16/17 Rehearsal Saturday 9am-9pm
12/17/17 Rehearsal Sunday 1pm-5pm